Reservation Teppanyaki

Reservation Teppanyaki

Due to the COVID-19 measures, we can receive a limited number of guests. Book in time.

You can book a seat around the teppanyaki(hot plate) with a private chef. At the teppanyaki you can only order our chef's menu or dishes from our a la carte menu. And there's a minimum charge of € 50,00 per person exclusive drinks.

Bookings of 4 persons or more, we may ask for a prepayment.

If you can't book a table here? Call or send a Whatsapp message to +3150 3600329 so we can help you personally.

We've arranged our restaurants in such a way that our guests can dine responsibly at Fujiyama. In order for everyone to have a pleasant evening, we kindly ask you, our guest, for your cooperation.

If you are unable to come due to health or other reasons, please you cancel your reservation below. This way your place will be available for other guests in time.

If the reservation system doesn't work? You can call or send a Whatsapp message to +3150 3600329

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